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One of Australia’s best selling authors, Lance has had a most diverse life, living and working in some of Australia’s most remote places. Both he and his wife, Cynthia have had a long association with the Aboriginals of Northern Australia and in 2013 they opened up a tourist camp at Cape Barrow on the Gulf of Carpentaria for the first time ever.His website is highly ranked in America and he has a worldwide ranging readership of his novels including China.Spending many years travelling and working in some of the most remote parts of the country, Lance writes about the places and people he knows so well.


Lance has always believed in family first and living life to the fullest some of his fondest memories are: walking into the Wyndham Club one evening and a meeting was on discussing catering for the Wyndham and Halls Creek races, seems no one was interested in the job. They offered Lance and Cynthia all the takings if they would oblige, no problems to this couple so they drove to Kununurra and bought supplies, spent the day making hamburgers and cleaning up the shack used as the race kiosk and borrowed equipment from the club. They made enough to travel to Darwin and buy a new caravan, this was twenty years ago and shows the spirit both had for walking outside the square.

The following wet season returning to Home Valley Station on the Gibb River Road,the river was running so strong the road was closed. No problems, they taped up the caravan and started over the swollen river. Halfway over, a rock came up and jammed under the tow bar, Cynthia climbed over and kept her foot on the accelerator whilst Lance waded in the swollen river and unhooked the caravan. Wading back they attached a long rope and pulled the soaked caravan out. Station staff waiting on the other side in horror, informed them a station dog had been taken that morning by a large salty who was still cruising nearby.


Another of the many incidents was when Lance picked up a calf onto his quad bike from a cow in the calving paddock and headed back to the cattle yards. He was unaware that the cow thought Cynthia on her quad had the calf and took to her in full fury. Looking back when he deposited the calf in the cattle yards he saw Cynthia disappearing in the distance, cow in hot pursuit, racing back he blocked the cow as Cynthia hit the boundary fence in the calving paddock shaking like a leaf.

Another fond memory was of a female tourist who was taking photos outside the cattle yards when a big scrub bull somehow cleared the fence and went for her, luckily Lance had the station ute he was blocking a gate with and reversing back blocked the bull, the poor tourist stood in shock shaking wetting her pants.


When running the BP roadhouse at Fitzroy Crossing years ago during an Aboriginal football carnival they (and hard working staff) took over seventy thousand in takeaway in one day. The roadhouse was so crowded Lance stood at the door to stop pilfering, one lady left and staff pointed to her. Lance approached her in the carpark outside and he asked her to handover what she had not paid for, passing over a packet of cigarettes she opened her legs and there was a chicken held firmly between her thighs, noting no panties Lance told her to keep the bloody chicken.

Now he is finishing off the many stories he started over the years and informs us his best (as far as he is concerned) is ‘The Gulf’ soon to be released.
Not your average bio perhaps but then some people are not your average people.


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