Dark Side of the Rock

I have no need to remind anyone in Australia and the world, of the remarkable story of a missing baby at Ayers Rock in central Australia in 1980; it enthralled the world and the media went into a frenzy.

Perhaps like many, I had not given the story much thought over the years but at the time,
I was rather disturbed at the lack of any real evidence and subsequent conviction.
It was perhaps the most disgraceful and shameful period in our media history.
The conviction and trial did not contain the mandatory three items required for a conviction of
murder. There was no body, no murder weapon and more pertinently, no motive. The trial was based purely on circumstantial and scientific evidence ofa highly suspect nature which in fact, turned out to be false.


Both those charged had no hope of achieving a fair trial in Australia thanks to the disgraceful conduct of the media circus, their wild reporting of ridiculous claims and its “kangaroo court” that convicted alleged criminals long before the trial.

It was only recently that a helicopter pilot informed me of the presence of a white woman living with a small group of Aboriginals. Did the officials, all those years ago, ever consider this scenario?

I hope you enjoy my fictitious slant on one of our greatest mysteries.

The Stone People

Are the stone people ,of the remote area known as the Stone country, extinct, or do they still exist?

I hope you enjoy this ficticious story about a very little known tribe of Aboriginal, the little people, whose country is still refered to as Debil, Debil country. They are feared by mainstream Aboriginals even to this day.It is a fact , that only seventeen years ago, a hostile encounter occured at a billabong between one of the little people and two aboriginal hunters.

Tears over the Kimberleys

An Australian epic of majestic proportions, set in the magnificent Kimberleys, the green rolling hills and valleys of Tasmania, the red outback of New South Wales to the cosmopolitan city of Darwin and the steamy jungles of Vietnam.

Follow the lives of three young Australians caught up in an unusual three way relationship spanning decades in this fast moving novel; laugh, cry and be intrigued by this amazing story of love, lust and life of this amazing family.

The bonding of three amazing young Australians who form an unconventional relationship spanning decades led by one outstanding vibrant woman who builds one of Australia’s largest cattle empires. Different exciting and daring to explore human relationships outside the circle of normality, a fantastic journey.

I hope you enjoy this story

The Children of Kimberley Cottage

“The sequel to the Australian epic, Tears over the Kimberleys. All three stories follow the lives of the family and some of the characters whose lives blended into the family of Sky, Prudence and AJ; three outstanding Australians who shared an unusual relationship and built a successful cattle empire”–p. i.

Dare To Live The Dream

Join three elderly ladies on one last adventure to exotic Broome for a holiday that changes their lives forever. All three expose their innermost thoughts and desires to each other, revealing their lives, hopes and dreams and at times revisiting the dark periods of their lives.

What follows is a totally unexpected adventure and drama they had never imagined when the three sat in a retirement home in Sydney, bored, frustrated and longing for one last adventure.


The Laird of Braidwood

The life and times of one of the most famous Scottish Wilsons, Lieutenant Surgeon Thomas Braidwood Wilson R.N.. A man of great courage,tenacity and benovolence towards his fellow man. Surgeon Superintendent, botanist, explorer, magistrate, pastoralist and humanitarian. Perhaps his record of nine voyages from England to the Colonies is a record for the time, this book includes his own narrative of some of his exploits Narrative of a Voyage Round The World.


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Has circumstance ever placed you in a position where you were faced with a situation that firstly, you would never have anticipated, let alone had to consider what your reaction would be and secondly, discovered just how capable you are of survival?

This novel is fiction but is based on certain factual events within the upsurge of the drug trade in the far north of Australia; a lawless and wild region. Follow the story of an ordinary housewife who goes in search of her missing daughter – a trip that will change her life and outlook on life – forever. From unhappy, lonely wife to ruthless, drug queen and overlord of her own island. For those who betray her, her revenge is remorseless.